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Agfa Synchro Box





120 and 220 film


Agfa Synchro Box 600, is a medium format box camera manufactured by Agfa Camerawerk AG, München, Germany between 1951-57.

The Agfa Synchro Box is a hansome looking box-type camera from the late 1940s. The use of black and chrome on the front plate gives it an expensive look. The body is metal and covered in leatherette with a fine chevron pattern. It has two reflecting brilliant finders with the reflectors being of polished steel.

The shutter has two modes – timed and instant. The timed shutter is like (B)bulb. The aperture is changed by a sliding tab. If the tab is in, the aperture is f/12. With the tab in the middle position you get f/22.

With the tab pulled right out the yellow filter is moved into place. The yellow filter works with black & white film to give better contrast, especially between sky and clouds. The speed of the shutter on this camera was measured as 1/40 sec.

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