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EEEEEEEEEE Disposable Camera





35mm film


EEEEEEEEEE Disposable Camera is a limited edition series of reused disposable cameras which outside skin is designed by different artists. This single-use camera has a Fuji color 400 iso film inside and also a built-in flash. This EEEEEEEEEE Disposable Camera model is a primary colors limited edition piece by Barcelona based illustrator, Cristina Daura. Check her amazing work at @cdaura (This post is an illustration of her original illustration aka this is a metaillustration :__)

A disposable camera is a simple, one-time-use camera that is designed to be used for a single roll of film before being disposed of. Disposable cameras are often sold at a low price point and are widely available at drug stores, convenience stores, and other retail outlets.

Disposable cameras are very easy to use and require little to no knowledge of photography to get good results. They come pre-loaded with film and have a simple control layout, with buttons for controlling the flash and self-timer.

One of the main advantages of disposable cameras is their convenience and affordability. They are a good choice for photographers who want to take a few casual photos without having to invest in a more expensive camera or film. They are also a good choice for events or occasions where a camera may be needed but not necessarily wanted, such as weddings or parties.

However, disposable cameras are limited in their capabilities and may not produce results that are as high-quality as those produced by more advanced cameras. That’s why we catalogued as toy cameras, because of their use as lomography and experimental cameras.

Note: This post was made researching information based on different websites like camerapediawikipediacamera-wikiemulsivelomographyxatakapintandoconluzcamaras sin fronteras and many more. On the other hand, all the photographers allowed us to post their photos on Instagram. All the illustrations are made by us and we don’t allow the use of any illustrations without permission. Finally, if you have more information or you think we made a mistake, please send us a mail.




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