Nikon AF230

The Nikon AF230 or Fun Touch 5 is a point-and-shoot 35mm film camera introduced by Nikon in 1997. It has a fixed wide-angle 29mm fixed f/4.5 lens, autofocus, motor drive and auto-exposure. The shutter speed goes from 1/75 to 1/145s and it also has an on/off flash mode. Auto-loading, winding and rewinding of DX-coded film. The camera is powered by two AA batteries and it’s made out of plastic.

Made by Nikon in 1997
Built-in flash
Fixed wide-angle 29mm
Full body made in plastic
35mm film format

Illustration by @camxatca

Photographies by Maylis Thobois @behind_theocculus 

“It all started with architecture, a search for light and diagonals, angles and geometry. From motionless giants, the actors of my photographs evolved into flesh made models. It went from perfect rawness to imperfection and life. My camera went from capturing inert matter to street life. But to capture the instant of a silly walk or an unpredictable market scene, what a better medium than the wayward itself, the one you have control over but finally not that much, the inaccurate nature of analogue photography?”

“I am far from being a professional, I am a loving amateur and excited user of both a Nikon AF 230 and a Contax T2 38mm 2.8 inherited from my mother. I experiment, try my way, capture, succeed or fail. «6 good out of 36» feels true to me. I love forgetting about the moments I capture and discovering every developed film as surprised as if I was witnessing the scenes for the first time. Analogue is about realizing that every picture is unique and tells a story, a memory, a moment. More than digital, as once you’ve triggered, there is no turning back” writes Maylis @behind_theocculus from Sweden