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Premier PC600




35mm film


The Premier PC600 is a nice black 35mm point-and-shoot plastic camera made by Premier Image of Taiwan and introduced 1998. The shifter below its non-focusable F3.5 38mm lens opens or closes the shifting doors which protect the front elements of the lens and the reverse Galilean bright frame viewfinder.

It’s also the on/off switch of the camera. Below the built-in flash is another shifter to switch on the flash. A third shifter is the film speed selector to choose between ISO speeds 100, 200, 400 and 1600. Between this selector and the lens is the small window of the CdS meter which maybe has some automatic exposure control function but at least controls the underenlightment signal.

The automatic film advance in the Premier PC600 works only after pressing the shutter release. Thus it’s necessary to press the release button on the camera’s top twice after laying in the film and closing the film chamber. Afterwards the release button has to be pressed just once for each exposure.

Note: This post was made researching information based on different websites like camerapediawikipediacamera-wikiemulsivelomographyxatakapintandoconluzcamaras sin fronteras and many more. On the other hand, all the photographers allowed us to post their photos on Instagram. All the illustrations are made by us and we don’t allow the use of any illustrations without permission. Finally, if you have more information or you think we made a mistake, please send us a mail.




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