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Ricoh 800 EES 35mm rangefinder camera

The 800 EES (also known as Elnica F in USA) is a compact rangefinder camera with a 40 mm f/2.8 lens made by japanese manufacter Ricoh in 1974. It’s fully automatic operated camera with an electronic shutter, that means is not able to work without batteries. This model has shutter speeds from 4 sec. to 1/800 sec. The ISO settings range from 25 to 800. There is an orange light on the top of the camera, let’s say it is an exposure alert, this led indicates you if there is enough light to shoot properly. If push halfway the shutter release button and the orange light turns off that means you are able to take the picture in properly conditions. Important! Behind the focus ring there is another ring in the lens, close to the body of the camera, this could be confused with f-stop ring, remember this camera is fully automatic except for focusing and iso setting, so this small ring on the lens always need to be set on «A», otherwise your camera will shoot at 1/30 because is the flash sync speed.

This is a link of an interesting site to know more about the parts of this camera and how to use non-mercury batteries (in fact is about his bigger brother, but it’s exactly similar)

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