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Rollei Prego 90




35mm film


The Rollei Prego 90, manufactured by Rollei in the mid-1990s, is a compact point-and-shoot autofocus camera designed for 35 mm film.

It features the renowned Rollei Vario Apogon 38-90mm AF lens, which incorporates the Rolleiflex HFT coating (High Fidelity Transfer). The lens comprises six groups and includes four aspherical surfaces, ensuring excellent image quality.

With an aperture ranging from f/4.8 to f/14.85, the Rollei Prego 90 provides users with versatility in controlling the depth of field. Additionally, the camera offers a range of shutter speeds, starting from 2 seconds and going up to 1/330 second, allowing for precise exposure adjustments in various lighting conditions.

Additionally, the minimum focusing range of this Rollei is an impressive 0.6 meters, enabling users to capture sharp details even at close distances. The camera incorporates a zoom viewfinder, although it tends to be small and slightly dim. Nevertheless, it compensates for this with dioptre correction, ensuring accurate framing and focus.

It’s worth noting that the Rollei Prego 90 is a unique and rare model, bearing some similarities to the Rollei Prego 120 and the Rollei Prego 105. However, it stands out as a distinct variant, with its own set of features and characteristics. It’s important not to confuse this particular model with the more common Rollei Prego 90, which differs significantly from the one being described.

Overall, the Rollei Prego 90 offers a compact and user-friendly design, combined with advanced autofocus capabilities and the renowned optics of the Rollei brand. Its rarity adds to its allure among collectors and photography enthusiasts, making it a desirable choice for those seeking a reliable point-and-shoot camera with superb image quality.

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