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Ihagee EXA




35mm film


The original Ihagee EXA is a 35mm s.l.r. (Single Lens Reflex) camera launched in 1951. Made by Ihagee Kamerawerk Steenbergen & Co in Dresden, former East Germany in full metal body.

This camera has interchangeable lens internal-bayonet type. The mirror acts like a curtain as a part of the shutter, vertical moving, due to this maximum speed is limited to 1/150. The shutter release is on front of the body, which makes it a little bit weird to shoot.

One of the most interesting features of this cameraa is its interchangeable viewfinder, which allows the photographer to compose shots from a low angle, actually in this model the viewfinder is an emblematic waist-level finder.

The Ihagee is a well-built and reliable camera that is suitable for photographers who are comfortable working with fully manual controls. It is especially suited for portrait and landscape photography, thanks to its interchangeable lens mount and waist-level viewfinder.

However, the Ihagee Exa is not the most user-friendly camera for beginners, as it requires a bit of knowledge and practice to master all of its manual controls.

Note: This post was made researching information based on different websites like camerapedia, wikipedia, camera-wiki, emulsive, lomography, xataka, pintandoconluz, camaras sin fronteras and many more. On the other hand, all the photographers allowed us to post their photos on Instagram. All the illustrations are made by us and we don’t allow the use of any illustrations without permission. Finally, if you have more information or you think we made a mistake, please send us a mail.




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