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Polaroid Lightmixer 630 instant film camera

The Polaroid Lightmixer 630 is an instant camera released by American company Polaroid in 1986 and was sold untill 1992. The plastic housing of the camera is gray and black. It also bears the imprint “LM Program”. The «LM» (Lightmixer) stands for its capability to mix daylight and flash for better results, especially for portraits. The camera’s built-in flash unit lifts up for picture-taking, folds down for carrying ease. It has a lens with a focal length of 106mm in a single plastic element. The shutter is electronic and has a speed from 1 / 4 s. to 1 / 200 s. with a fixed focus and a maximum aperture of f/11. Film is instant film packs with integral batteries that were designated for the 600 series, called Polaroid 600. The «instant» prints measure 79mm (3.1″) square with a white border around them and take around 3 minutes to fully develop at 70°F (21°C). The film has an ISO rating of 640. The film was branded with several different names over the years, including «Extreme 600» and «Notepad». A high definition «professional» film named «779» could also be used with cameras from the 600 series.

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