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Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 531


Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 531




120 film


The Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 531 is a remarkable folding camera that belongs to the Ikonta line, manufactured by the renowned German company Zeiss Ikon. This camera model captures stunning 16 size images measuring 4.5×6 cm on 120 type rollfilm.

One of the notable features of the Super Ikonta series is the inclusion of coupled rangefinders, which greatly enhance the accuracy and precision of focusing. It is also equipped with the Tessar 1:3.5 70mm lens. The Tessar lens is a renowned optical design that was developed by the legendary German physicist and engineer Paul Rudolph in the early 20th century. This lens combines the renowned Tessar design with a moderate wide-angle focal length and a wide maximum aperture. This combination allows photographers to capture high-quality images with a good amount of control over depth of field and low-light performance. It is a testament to the optical excellence and precision engineering associated with Zeiss lenses.

In terms of technical specifications, the Super Ikonta 531 boasts a versatile range of shutter speeds and aperture settings, providing photographers with the flexibility to capture images in various lighting conditions and achieve creative effects. The shutter speed range extends from 1 second to 1/500th of a second, allowing for precise control over exposure and motion blur. Whether capturing fast-moving subjects or long-exposure shots, this camera accommodates a wide array of photographic scenarios.

The aperture range spans from a wide-open f/3.5 to a narrow f/22, offering photographers the ability to control depth of field and achieve desired levels of background blur. With such a comprehensive range of shutter speeds and apertures, the Ikon Super Ikonta 531 enables photographers to exercise their creativity and adapt to different shooting conditions with ease.

Additionally, the camera’s folding design provides protection for the lens and bellows when not in use, ensuring their longevity.

The Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 531 was produced during the period from 1936 to 1953, which coincides with a significant era in both photography and world history. This camera embodies the craftsmanship and technical innovation of its time. Its sleek folding design makes it highly portable and convenient for photographers on the go.

During the era of the Third Reich in Germany, Zeiss Ikon, like many other German companies, experienced significant changes and adaptations in its operations. As the political and social climate shifted, the company had to align with the priorities and demands of the government.

Zeiss Ikon, renowned for its production of cameras and optical equipment, had to reorient its focus to support the war effort. This involved manufacturing optical devices for military applications, including binoculars, periscopes, and gun sights. The company’s expertise in optics made it a valuable asset for the military, as these devices played a vital role in various aspects of warfare.

It is important to acknowledge that during this period, Zeiss Ikon, like other German companies, operated under the influence of the government. The company’s activities were guided by government policies and regulations, and it is likely that individuals affiliated with the ruling party were present within the workforce.

Following the conclusion of World War II, Zeiss Ikon faced significant repercussions for its involvement in the war economy. The company was temporarily dissolved, and its assets were divided among the occupying Allied powers. Subsequently, Zeiss Ikon re-emerged as separate entities in East Germany and West Germany, each with distinct ownership and management structures.

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