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Foldable cameras

Foldable cameras, as the name suggests, are cameras that are designed to fold or collapse for enhanced portability and convenience. These cameras feature a unique design that allows them to be compacted into a smaller form factor when not in use, making them ideal for travel and on-the-go photography.

Foldable cameras typically consist of multiple segments or sections that can be folded, hinged, or collapsed together. The body of the camera, along with other components such as the lens, viewfinder, and controls, can be neatly folded into a more compact configuration, resembling a compact box or a flattened shape.

The folding mechanism not only reduces the overall size of the camera but also provides protection to the delicate parts when it is folded. This makes it easier to carry and store the camera in a bag or pocket without taking up much space.

These cameras often incorporate innovative engineering and materials to ensure a sturdy build and smooth folding mechanism. Some models may feature locking mechanisms or magnetic closures to secure the folded position and prevent accidental unfolding during transportation.